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Butterfly Basket Hats Lace Swan
Butterfly BasketHatsLace Swan

Shown here with flowers, this lace basket of butterflies signifies a new beginning.

 A hat for the bride to be, with the wedding date on the back.

Fillable free standing lace swan measures 3" wide, 7" long and 5" high.




Large Rose Basket - Colored Linen Table Runners Lingerie Bag
Large Rose Basket - ColoredLinen Table RunnersLingerie Bag

This basket is stitched in the two colors shown and measures 9" wide, 9" long and 2.5" high. The design is by s-embroidery. Also Availalble in Classic White.

Linen table runners come in lengths of 36, 54, and 72 inches. All are 16" wide. Roses at each end on opposite corners as shown.

Monogramed linen cotton bag embroidered with flowers and hand crocheted edge.




LOVE table runner Market basket with crocus flowers Miniature Rose Pattern Basket With Doily
LOVE table runnerMarket Basket 3Miniature Rose Pattern Basket With Doily

This 36" table runner is a perfect compliment to your wedding cake. 100% linen, wash & bleach safe, embroidery is polyester.

Market Basket 11.5"W x 18"L x 8.5"D. Has aluminum tubular frame that collaspes for easy storage and comes off the frame for easy hand wash. Also has mesh pockets on each end to store your belongings. Fabric is a lime green 6000D with 5 feet on the bottom.

This basket measures 6" wide, 6" long, 3" high. Each panel is stitches with many miniature roses and looks stunning in all white. This design is from the S-embroidery collection.




Monogrammed Dress Tags Napkins picture frams
Monogrammed Dress TagsNapkinspicture frams

For your wedding dress make it your maiden name initials.

A great idea for your head table. A set of four Napkins, each with a corner of lace and a napkin ring to match. Design by Sue box

Refrigerator magnet picture frame